How might counselling benefit you?


Counselling offers an opportunity to connect with our real self in an honest and truthful way without fear of judgment. In doing so we can better understand our patterns of behaviour, our relationships with others, our relationship with our self and our understanding of the world around us and our place in it.

Counselling sessions offer a unique opportunity to assess how we navigate our lives; our motivations, our fears, our inhibitors. In gaining deeper knowledge of ourselves we develop conscious awareness which can better inform our future actions and reactions applicable to our careers; experiences of loss and grief; our relationships with others and acceptance of self.

Finding meaning in the present, and an exploration of the past

In exploring what is going on for us in the present, we can trace our feelings back to experiences in the past. In this way, our past experiences shape our understanding of what is going on for us in the here and now. What I find wonderful about counselling is that we are given a rare opportunity to sit with our here and now thoughts and feelings; in doing so we are connecting to our self in a way that the world around us rarely facilitates.

Image creator: Benjavisa Ruangvaree | Credit: Dreamstime

Whatever you choose to share

There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ stuff to bring to counselling. Whether to gain clarity on a situation; have a moment every week for your self; to work toward a specific goal; or understand or work through feelings of anxiety, anger, sadness, overwhelm… and beyond I will apply my integrative skills to best suit your needs. Often, the real work reveals itself throughout the journey. All of this is ok.

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